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Absolute Power / Patient Zero / Koyi K Utho

Saturday July 21st, 9pm – $7 – Absolute Power will take the stage at Lefty’s with local favs Patient Zero and Bogota, Columbia’s own Koyi K Utho!!!

Absolute Power has been a staple in the Des Moines Heavy Metal Scene for many years.  This band gets heavier every time they play – i didn’t even know that was possible!!

Absolute  Power –  is a 5 piece groove metal band out of Des Moines Iowa that prides themselves in a high energy live show !

Patient Zero – Formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Ben Christopher, PATIENT ZERO has been developing their unique sound and vision.

After numerous line up changes, the Z found itself in the form of what can only be called a true POWER trio, featuring the aforementioned Christopher on guitar and vocals, Ben Tessman taking on the role of bass monster, and incredible drummer, Nick Medina taking the throne.

Koyi K Utho –  is an Industrial metal band, formed in 1999 in Bogotá, Colombia. The band’s name Koyi k utho was selected as a tribute to the Mazinger Z‘s character, Koyi Kabuto.

The band is focused on all types of industrial, specifically industrial metal. They combine the energy and aggressiveness of punk, metal, industrial and electronic music. But as the band’s website says: Do not confuse aggressiveness with violence.

The band’s music is influenced by groups as Prong, Cubanate, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Pantera, Sex Pistols, D.R.I., Static-X, and others.

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