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Alien Space Kitchen / Longbottom Leaf / Cardboard Kingdoms

All Ages Sunday Funday Show!!!

Alien Space Kitchen –  (“A.S.K”) is a garage space rock band currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The band started as a duo when songwriter and guitaristDru Vaughter recruited Noelle to play drums and assist with vocals on a new recording project. The result was their award-winning debut album “Just ASK.” Although the two of them were happy with their progress, what they truly desired was a power-trio configuration. They believed that with the addition of bass, the songs could bask in their full garage-rock glory. In 2013 good fortune shone upon A.S.K. when L.A. legend Mess Messal came out of retirement to join the band. Mess has toured the world with critically acclaimed bands Flies on Fire, VOMF, and Vitamade. When asked why he decided to get back in the game, most of the time he says it is because of the songs. Sometimes he says it was something in the water. The rest of the band doesn’t care why, they’re just glad he did.
The band member’s influences include X, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Music Machine, WITCH, The Replacements, Kid Congo, Ohio Players, and The Kinks, to name a very few. The band is also influenced by outer space. Here’s what’s known about the individual members and alien abductions: Dru may have been abducted but has no recollections; Noelle has never been abducted and knows why; Mess claims that he has been an abductee and knows exactly why, and also claims that he has abducted a few himself. The triangulation of these differing experiences translates in musical terms like a time-bomb of the future. Check it out or check yourself in.

Longbottom Leaf – Formed in 2008, with up to six hours of original music, ranging from solid grunge or rock, to soft, slightly dark music of the atmosphere. We say what we are most-compelled to and question what compels us. We are many faced.

Cardboard Kingdoms –  birthed out of a solo project I had been working on since 2009 self-titled Andrew David. My first band, Autumn’s Equinox, was an ambient recording project that I co-led with Nathaniel Dalton (Vasse Felix, New York native). We’d been writing, recording and editing our own music for over a year but with distance and obligations such as school and work we’d found it harder to find time to collaborate so we each made our own solo projects and began releasing music under new aliases. At this time I began recording extensively and releasing singles and EPs online. I’d always desired the songs to be fleshed out in a full band lineup, so after having played acoustic shows for the past 3 years around my hometown of Des Moines, I began looking for band mates in the Cedar Valley (I’d moved here in 2011 for school). In early 2012 Luke Anderson, a Cedar Falls native, approached me about playing drums. We immediately began rehearsing and adopted a Black Keys or White Stripes style of performing, just the two of us. After a few shows, Luke mentioned that he knew someone who played guitar that might mesh well with us. We’d already auditioned quite a few bassists with no luck so I was very skeptical but when Sean Gonzalez (Denver, Colorado native) came in to practice with us I couldn’t deny that there was a spark of genius in it. He instantly became a staple of our sound, adding high energy and frenetic guitar playing. This marked a change in our direction. My soft singing turned to yelling and screaming, and calm composed performances have become frantic and lively. With this change, our style shifted from blues inspired garage rock to a more hardcore influenced punk style. Taking influence from bands like Brand New, letlive, and Manchester Orchestra we began taking my original material, which is written on acoustic guitar, and developing it into loud fuzz-driven punk ventures

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