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Careful Gaze w/ Halcyon Wander

Saturday, March 9th 2019
All Ages | Doors 5:00 PM | $10

Careful Gaze-Minneapolis Post-Hardcore.  Careful Gaze was formed in 2013 as Hunter Dumped Us Here, and re-branded in 2018. Singles “Wolf / Greyed” are out now with a full-length soon to follow.

Halcyon Wander–The word Halcyon means calm or peaceful. We believe there is a sense of peace or calmness to be found wherever you might end up, whether you intended on being there or not. We write music to inspire. We have all found ourselves in dark places, feeling hopeless and alone. We have given up too soon. We have let go of hope. Thankfully we found that hope again. We dusted ourselves off and made a decision to fight back against the things that put us there. These songs are our stories.

Equal Parts–is an alternative rock band based out of Des Moines, Iowa. The band members are Daniel Kuttler, Nathan Thiessen, and Kevin Will. Equal Parts started with Dann and Nathan playing as an acoustic duo, writing songs and playing a couple of local concerts. The band would find their true rock edge when Kevin was added on drums in the summer of 2018. After a summer of rehearsing and recording, the band released their first single, “On and On”, in December 2018. The band will be headed to the studio in January to record their first EP, “Crossed State Lines”, due for release in late spring of 2019.
Lakenheath–Indie/Emo looking to play some DIY shows in your basement, barn, or backyard BBQ.

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