Lefty's Live Music

Country Folk Rock and IDM at Lefty’s Live Music

Come on out to Lefty’s Live Music 03/06/2020 for a night of live music and dancing. The showcase will start off with country, and folk, then rock and end with intelligent dance music w/ postive call to action lyrics. $5 cover.

Caleb Corona 6-6:50p
(Veteran of the Ames Iowa scene Caleb plays country and folk, with a whiskey smooth radio-style voice you’ll want to hear!)

Levi Smith 7-7:50p
(Veteran of the Iowa music scene generally, out of Mason City, Levi plays folk and rock music, both originals and covers that will keep you and your friends dancing)

Big Gnu 8-9p
(Veteran of the Iowa music scene generally, national touring artist, spoken word poet, inventor, and sound ecologist, Big Gnu [aka J. Parry] plays every genre from country to electro jazz improv [as intelligent dance music] and is sure to inspire and share a new perspective on original solid mantras, verse and chorus to engage and enable you, in his best hopes, to whatever the next step is for you and your loved ones. J. Parry is a former initial attack wildland firefighter out of fairbanks Alaska, an active community and think tank organizer in Ames Iowa for over a decade, and is excited to share some Gnu beats at his first official Iowa show of 2020. The last gig before this showcase was in Saugerties Ny and Big Gnu is sure to please if you’re interested in bands like the Blow, NIN, Beck, Queen, Town Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, and/or Gorillaz).

Bring your friends and folks who like to dance. Celebrate your life and make some collisions on the dance floor this friday night at Lefty’s, Live Music.

Merchandise and original art works available at the show.


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