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Element a440 / Public Display of Aggression / Stoneflex 21 & Over

Element a440

Element a440 delivers an intelligent brand of edgy, hook-heavy, dark, melodic rock. The raw power of live instruments combines with hypnotic synth sounds to enthtrall the listener, drawing them into an intricate web of sound. Spreading from the band to the individual, the intense lyrics and seductive sounds merge with the mind and body, through the crowd like an epidemic until all are as one. With the experience earned after three full album releases and a national tour, Element A440 offers a complete experience for the ears, eyes, and psyche.

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Public Display of Aggression

Denver based Public Display go Aggression has been creating a legend over the last several years. They are an intense band who knows what a crowd wants and delivers. The sound is a unique compilation of heavy sounds and ideas cultivated by this team of Low end assassins. Known all through Colorado for having played hot spots such as @Cheers, Toad Tavern, and Bushwhackers and in some of the most well known Colorado venues like The Gothic, Summit Music Hall and the Grizzly Rock and the Roxy supporting acts Like Hed P.E., Allegaeon, Seraphim Shock, Lola Black, Soulfly, Mushroomhead, Powerman 5000, American Head Charge and many others.

The band is celebrating landing in the top 6 106.7 KBPI Best Bands in Denver. Their sound is a mix of intense, heart stopping, pounding of Mattitude on drums; Powerfull slaps on the bass brought to the mix by Dashing Kenny Daggers; Intricate melodies and gut busting solos by lead guitar player Rage; A range of high and low screams with a depp knowledge of melody belted out by lead vocalist James Aggression. Trials and tribulations of the past such as their tour van careening off a cliff while on tour cannot stop this force known as P.D.A. Tough skinned young men who know what it takes to make it in the world of music.

So when Public Display of Aggression come to your town, realize that you will be met by a sea of fists in the air, with passion in their soul and music in their hearts, chanting, “We Don’t Fuck Around!” Catch them live and see what many others already know.

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Stoneflex From Des Moines, Iowa

21 & Over

Doors 9pm

$5 at the door

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