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Haymakers Live at Lefty’s

Wednesday Dec. 12th at 9pm (right after Butter Cow Blues Band) Americana outfit from Wichita, Kansas – Haymakers will make their Lefty’s debut.


Though some will refer to Haymakers as a bluegrass band, its sound and influences are more complex than that. Dennis Hardin and Ted Farha have played in bluegrass bands before but bassist Mark Foley comes from a background that draws on classical and jazz. Arbuckle says that he even he and Page weren’t strict folk enthusiasts.

“Most of my musical background, before I started playing with Tom was in traditional blues. Tom has very, very wide ranging tastes and has been in everything from stoner rock bands to this group. Ted and Dennis come out of more of a bluegrass vibe,” Arbuckle says. “And Mark with the classical music background and all the jazz stuff. Mark was excited to be in this band because he got to explore singing more harmony.”

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