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Iowa’s Producers Battle Of The Beats

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the DOPE Producers around IOWA. The ones behind the keys 🎹 Mpc’s, and 🥁 808’s. If you don’t know who’s the hottest producers around Iowa? You will officially find out!!!

🚨The Battle- 16 producers will compete for Bragging Rights and the Number 1 Spot showcasing who is who when it comes to the beat game.

4 Rounds broke up into 4 categories of
-Trap beats
-R&B Flavor
-East Coast
-Sample Beats

Up to $500 dollars in prizes to Winner and the Bragging Rights Title Belt for this years Battle of The Beats Competition!!!

Come out Saturday November 17th
Doors open 5pm
$10 for attendees and supporters!

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