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Lauren Anderson | Andy Fleming & The Sweet Nothings

Oct 19th Saturday 9pm

Lauren Anderson had recently returned home from a trip to Los Angeles — a trip involving meetings with music industry executives, vocal rehearsals, record contracts, and ultimately a whole lot of empty promises — when she began writing songs for her third EP, Won’t Stay Down. She’d been playing shows since 2014, mixing her blues-rock roots with elements of Americana, soul, and country music. She loved the work, but she’d grown frustrated with the industry, particularly the demands thrust upon her as a female artist. Back in her adopted hometown of Nashville, she started writing new material about strength, endurance, and female empowerment, drawing on her own artistic journey for inspiration and gluing everything together with her bluesy belt of a voice.

Inspired by the bluesy, boundary-breaking females who came before her — including Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Grace Potter — Lauren Anderson’s Won’t Stay Down follows previous releases like 2017’s The Game, which cracked the Top 50 of the Billboard Blues chart for five weeks straight. It’s also a showcase for her supersized vocals and sharp songwriting, which have previously earned the Chicago native a Midwest Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, as well as a first-place finish in the 2018 Wing Dang Doodle Competition. Recorded in her adopted hometown of Nashville and largely self-produced, Won’t Stay Down is a bluesy battlecry from an artist who has one foot planted in the territory of her influences and the other pointed in an unexplored direction.


Andy Fleming & The Sweet Nothings – Andy Fleming of Brother Trucker.
Matt Cullen – sometime guitar player for David Zollo.
Dave “Dewey” Ford – sometime member of the Typical Males.
A stripped down soulful side-project for singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Fleming of the veteran Iowa Roots Band Brother Trucker. Based on the all the elements of American Roots Music… Rock, Soul, Country. With a deep focus on harmony and groove. Moody and Rocking Steady.

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