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NOT COOL, BRO: Lefty’s A/C Comedy Fundraiser

Lefty’s is cool, and has been a home for Underground Comedy since before it opened, but right now it’s just not ~*cool*~.

NOT COOL, BRO is a benefit comedy show to raise money for Lefty’s new AC.
It has comics doing their best material in the least chill circumstances: getting slimed, interrupted, shot with nerf darts, blindfolded, depantsed, even shaved, anything can happen.
They won’t know what until they spin the wheel of death.

Comedy is hard and we’re making it even harder for a good cause.

All proceeds go to Lefty’s for the purchase of their new AC unit.

Comics include:
Alex Carter
Toll McGrane
Matt Lamb
Josh Gladstone
Wes Cozad
Onnalee Kelley
Judge Dye
Sean Dengler
Perry Thompson
Brad Gilbert
AJ Simmons

With ticketed lottery spots available by drawing.

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