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Piranha // Splitdriven // Eli Dykstra

April 18th Piranha is back at Lefty’s with their friends Splitdriven and Eli Dykstra.

6pm Doors – $5

Piranha – The Minneapolis MN based hard hitting, face melting crew PIRANHA was a vision of Tracie Radermacher (bass) – a small town girl from southeast WI. With the help of founding Member Adam Easterbrook (skins), the vision soon melded itself into what has become a midwest powerhouse in raw riffs, body slamming beats & broken necks. With their 2013 release ‘Too Bad They Multiply’ – Ryan Boyd (axe) & former frontman Benjamin Nichols were able to capture one of the most powerful displays of raw emotion the band had ever laid on tape. With tracks ‘Everything Falls’ – and the fast paced ‘Turtle’ – ‘Too Bad They Multiply’ saw moderate success up until the departure of then frontman Benjamin in late 2013. Picking up right where Benjamin left off – enter Jesse Maloney (vox), who joined PIRANHA in November 2013 – shifting the band in a new direction of simplified, post grunge inspired screams, skats & vocal drops.

Within a few short sessions, PIRANHA landed at Transient Audio in Minneapolis MN to record ‘JUNK PUNCH’ (released March 2015) – and found themselves sharing bills & venues with some of their idols in Wayne Static (Static X), Sevendust & GWAR throughout late 2014.

In efforts to promote both their raw sound & recent EP release to the masses, PIRANHA spent the majority of 2015 focusing on their hometown of Minneapolis MN. ‘Bounce’ off of JUNK PUNCH earned recognition & airtime from both Minneapolis based 93x (93x.com), as well as numerous local podcasts & medias. And ‘Drown’ – featuring Tracie, quickly became a fan favorite to sing out at live performances.

Looking to new horizons, PIRANHA entered 2016 with a vision to deliver a darker version of what their fans had come to know, and once again found themselves at Transient Audio. What came out of those sessions is soon to be the bands first LP, and 3rd release – set to deliver in Spring 2017. With the addition of Peter ‘Weava’ Chamberlain (spins) in mid 2016, the band now had new opportunities to not only enhance & define their live shows, but also produce something completely unique to their genre – paving the way for what will be the bands busiest year yet!

Splitdriven – is a 6 piece metal band based out of Mpls, formed in 2007.
They’ve been around for a number of years with a couple different names
but within the past year and a half We have finally found the right formula to leave their mark on the local metal scene. With heavy hooks to explosive
vocals, their sound sets them apart from most other metal bands today.
From their slower groove style of metal to their stage presence alone,
their momentum continues to grow as we’ll as their fan base with every show they play!

Eli Dykstra – Eli Dykstra, 16-yr-old guitarist from Iowa that you should be excited about!

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