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Super Bob is back in Des Moines and playing their first show at Lefty’s.  Lets show em how we do!!!

5pm Door

$8 Advance Tix

$10 DOS

Super Bob –  is a rock band from the Washington DC area formed under the name “bob” in 05. We have three members. Matt Santoro on vocals, Adam Smith on guitar, and Drew Recny on drums.

We wont waste your time with a long winded description of our accomplishments, or grandiose exaggerations of who we are and what we’ve done. To make it short and sweet we will simply say that Super bob is a hard working, dedicated, full time rock band that plays about 240 shows a year (actual shows, not just days on the road). We have 4 full length records (all available on iTunes), recorded by amazing producers (Garth “GGGarth” Richardson, and Matt LaPlant) , our members hold sponsorship’s from companies like P.R.S., and G.H.S to name a few.

Our live show is more then overblown hype, it’s a fun, energetic, captivating, physical expression of music with an energy and presence beyond the words that can be written in a bio. We spread through the eastern half of the country by starting in one place, building a following, and moving to the next city. Nothing fancy, no label, no investor just hard work and dedication.

We’re a new sound in rock and roll, with an old fashioned rock and roll attitude. We’re familiar, yet completely different.

Sexually Aggressive Silverbacks – We’re a raw-doggin, mom fuckin, beer drinkin, dirty-ass punk band from Des Moines, Iowa.

3 Finger Betty – Four people who like to rock that found each other. That simple!

Viscera – currently a four-piece instrumental band from Des Moines, Iowa, with influences from the progressive, djent, and heavy metal genres.
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