Lefty's Live Music

Surf Zombies Live at Lefty’s

Friday April 5th, 9pm:  Surf Zombies & Hex Girls hit Lefty’s for the first time!!  Brought to you by Iowa Brewing Company & Surf Zombies IPA

Surf Zombies – Based out of Cedar Rapids, IA,  Surf Zombies raise surf rock from the dead with fast, crazy instrumentals that straddle retro surf, bubblegum punk and garage rock, conjuring images of beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, and hot rod car shows.   www.surfzombiesband.com,   https://surfzombies.bandcamp.com/

Hex Girls are a 4-piece rough and tumble rock band from Cedar Falls, Iowa. They sound like Iggy Pop and the Arctic Monkeys bathed in PBR.    https://www.facebook.com/thehexgirlsband/,  https://whitesofarecords.bandcamp.com/album/more-of-that

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