Lefty's Live Music

The Jedi Training Yoga Experience

Tickets will sell quickly!!
Coming to galaxy near you… The Jedi Training Yoga Experience
Saturday, May 4th 2019
1:30(Class starts at 2pm)
$20 non refundable
Location: Lefty’s Live Music
2307 University Ave, Des Moines, Ia,50311
Limited Availability, Purchase now at www.yogawithjayla.com

Calling all Padawans!! We are assembling Force sensitive beings from throughout the galaxy to test their Jedi yoga abilities. We know YOU have what it takes.
Upon arrival you will be equipped with
your very own lightsaber. Thereafter you will learn the ways of the Jedi Knight: learning to be present, focus, balance, and using the Force for good.
Upon completion of this training you will be rewarded with your Jedi Knight certificate and the knowledge to conquer the Dark Side!

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