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The Right to Remain Violent Tour: Special Guests Lyric X-Press

The Right to Remain Violent Tour is coming to Des Moines, Iowa this spring! Featuring Headliners Skykrow and Dead Silent, this mini tour is all about exposure! Looking to Showcase the best names in each city they travel to, this Hip/Hop event is sure to bring out the best!

Located at Lefty’s Live Music on April 6th, 2019.

$10 Gets you in the door
$25 VIP Passes that cover EVERY SHOW ON THE TOUR!!!!!!
VIP Passes will be available for pickup starting April 1th with a valid Drivers License. They can also be picked up on site at any of the tour dates. Contact Skykrow for purchasing questions.

Doors open at 5:00PM

With local support from:
Bradley Glenn Severino (Sinister Carnie)
Jaden Jayvs Clemens (JayVS)
Lyric X-Press Artists:
Grant Sims (GMoney)

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